Aims & Objectives


To provide care and attention for the needy such as The Old Folks, The Mentally Retarded, The Orphanage, The Down Syndrome etc. Specialist nursing care is often required. However, it is given to each individual but the level of care is dependent on the number of specialized staff that can be employed successfully.


2. To provide shelter for the abused: especially child abuse and destitute single mothers with low or no income. A lot of domestic violence are on the increase and women and children are often left homeless and it is also the prerogative of the Association to handle each case on its merit.

3. To establish and manage a haemodialysis centre. It is a centre for the dialysis patients, especially with diabetic cases. Unfortunately, a lot of people die needlessly due to the lack of these facilities and sheer costs to the individual. Hence, it is the aim of the Association to provide financial aid for the poor who are unable to meet these dialysis costs.
4. To establish and manage a clinic and medical service centre for the residents of the home and the under privileged. This will be not only an invaluable aid to the residents but properly harnessed it could generate an income for the future for the home.